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Your donation makes a direct impact on the lives of the rhinos we care for and helps us to continue our vital conservation efforts.

How to Donate:

  1. Online Donation: Our secure online platform allows for quick and convenient donations. Choose your preferred donation amount and follow the simple steps to complete your transaction. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a meaningful impact.
  2. Monthly Giving: Consider becoming a monthly donor or sign up for our Adopt a Rhino support plan. Monthly donations allow us to plan ahead, ensuring the continued care and protection of rhinos in our sanctuary.
  3. Corporate Matching: Check if your employer offers a matching gift program. Many companies are committed to supporting charitable causes and may match your donation, effectively doubling its impact. Contact your HR department to explore this option.
  4. Gift Aid (UK): If you are a UK taxpayer, donating directly through our UK-registered charity enables us to claim Gift Aid. This means we can reclaim the basic rate of income tax (currently 20%) on your donation, increasing its value at no additional cost to you. (link to UK page)
  5. US 501(c)(3) (US): If you are a US taxpayer, donating directly through our US-registered 501(c)(3) organization may provide tax benefits according to US tax regulations. Consult a tax professional to learn more about potential deductions or advantages associated with your donation. (link to US page)
  6. Section 18A Receipt (South Africa): For South African donors, when donating to our South African NGO and receiving a Section 18A receipt, you may be eligible to claim a deduction from your taxable income. This can further maximize the impact of your donation while providing potential tax benefits.
  7. Other Ways to Give: If you prefer alternative methods of donating, such as contributing assets, including Care for Wild in your estate planning, or exploring partnership opportunities, please contact our dedicated team. We're here to assist you in making a lasting impact.

Join us in our mission to protect and conserve rhino and biodiversity. Your donation is a powerful statement of your commitment to wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability. Together, we can secure a brighter future for rhinos and inspire positive change in the world. Thank you for your generous support!

Why Donate to Care for Wild?

  1. Rhinos: Your donation plays a crucial role in safeguarding rhinos from poaching and habitat loss. With your support, we can provide a safe sanctuary where orphaned, injured, and vulnerable rhinos receive the care and rehabilitation they need.
  2. Conservation Initiatives: Care for Wild is committed to preserving biodiversity and the delicate ecosystems rhinos inhabit. By donating, you actively contribute to our conservation programs, which focus on habitat restoration, community engagement, and education.
  3. Empowering Communities: Your generosity extends beyond rhinos. We work closely with local communities, providing employment opportunities, education, and healthcare services. By supporting us, you empower these communities to thrive alongside wildlife.
  4. Making a Global Impact: Rhinos are an iconic keystone species that represent the need for environmental stewardship worldwide. By donating to Care for Wild, you become part of a global movement, working collectively to protect these incredible animals for future generations.

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South Africa
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Account name: Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary NPC
Account and IBAN number: 030284465
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United Kingdom
Bank name: CAF Bank
Account name: Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary (UK)
Account number: 00033297
Sort code: 40-52-40

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