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August 2023

August marks Women's Month in South Africa, a time when we come together to celebrate and honor the remarkable women in conservation.

Care for Wild Newsletter

July 2023

World Ranger Day is an international day held annually on July 31st to honour and celebrate the dedication and sacrifices of park rangers worldwide. Park rangers play a crucial ...

Care for Wild Newsletter

June 2023

Winter has arrived at Care for Wild. The temperatures are dropping to 2 degrees centigrade in the early morning and frost glistens on top of the rhinos' middens! Care for Wild w...

Care for Wild Newsletter

September & October 2023

In the early hours of September 3rd, 2023, an unexpected miracle arrived. Spirit gave birth to her first calf. This incredible moment marked a joyous and very important step in ...

Care for Wild Newsletter

November 2023

Giving Tuesday is a global day of charitable giving that takes place on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. It is a day dedicated to philanthropy and the spirit of giving back....

Care for Wild Newsletter

January 2024

Welcome to Care for Wild's 'new look' newsletter, designed to offer you a better opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest developments at the sanctuary in South Africa, as...

Care for Wild Newsletter

May 2023

Petronel and the Care for Wild team are very happy and extremely grateful to be able to announce the safe arrival of a newborn white rhino calf. On the 29th of May 2023, at 14:5...

Care for Wild Newsletter

April 2023

On the 27th of March, Care for Wild received a new orphaned rhino calf, who was estimated to be between 10-12 months old. The young calf was found next to her deceased mother, t...

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