Rhino Market

A donation platform that enables you to support the well-being and conservation of rhinos through symbolic purchases

Introducing the Rhino Market by Care for Wild, a donation platform that enables you to support the well-being and conservation of rhinos through symbolic purchases. It's important to note that the items will not be physically shipped to you or to us. By ‘purchasing’ specific items on the Rhino Market you are donating towards the necessary equipment and resources that directly benefit the welfare and protection of these animals.


Cleaning Kit
$ 33.50

Our Cleaning Kit focuses on hygiene and disease control with essential items such as F10 Veterina...

Parasite Control Kit
$ 19.00

Our Parasite Control Kit is a fundamental tool. This comprehensive kit includes a range of essent...

Examination Gloves
$ 8.00

With a strong emphasis on safety and hygiene, examination gloves are an integral part of our comm...

Drip Kit
$ 39.00

The Drip Kit is most commonly used during ICU to aid in the stabilisation of dehydrated orphans b...

Essentials Care Kit
$ 33.00

Our Essential Care Kit includes vital items used in ICU or the treatment of sick rhinos. It featu...

Wound Care Kit
$ 67.00

Our essential and specialised Rhino Wound Care Kit supports the healing process of injured rhinos...

Rescue Kit
$ 67.00

The Rescue Kit is a comprehensive package comprising all the essential items required for rescuin...

Rhino Pellets
$ 17.00

Specially formulated pellets form a small but essential portion of the rhinos’ diets. These compa...

Lucerne Bale
$ 7.00

Lucerne has a high protein content and nutritional benefit for rhinos. Lucerne bales serve as an ...

Teff Bale
$ 53.00

With its dense packing of nutrient-rich teff grass, this bale provides a superior and highly nutr...

Milk Powder 20kg
$ 84.00

Specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of young orphan rhinos. Rhino calves drink sou...

Mounted Unit

$ 44.00

Horseshoes are vital for protecting hooves, enhancing traction, providing support, and improving ...

Grooming Kit
$ 19.50

Donate towards high-quality brushes, combs, and hoof picks.

Erasgrostis Bales
$ 25.00

Eragrostis grass, known for its rich fibre content and nutrient profile, supports healthy digesti...

Hay Nets
$ 11.00

Hay nets offer convenient and controlled hay consumption for horses. With a durable design, they ...

Horse Pellets
$ 19.00

Our horse pellets are a crucial supplement for working horses, enhancing their predominantly hay-...

$ 1111.00

Designed for the horses of our mounted unit, these saddles prioritize the well-being of both hors...

K9 Unit

K9 Unit Toy & Grooming Kit
$ 19.50

Toys and grooming play a crucial role in the lives of working dogs, providing entertainment, phys...

K9 Unit Food & Bowls
$ 74.00

With carefully balanced ingredients, working dog food is tailored to meet the unique demands of t...

K9 Unit Bed & Blanket
$ 22.50

Optimal comfort and durability for the dogs of the K9 Unit.


$ 42.00

Especially useful for Caregivers feeding orphans at night.

Winter Kit
$ 100.00

This Winter Kit offers staff protection from the harsh cold and frost of the winter months when w...

Rain Kit
$ 72.50

This Rain Kit offers staff protection from the rain, humidity and mud during summer months.

Ranger Uniform
$ 139.00

Our Ranger Uniforms are a symbol of honour, discipline and integrity. Each item is selected for i...

Caregiver Uniform
$ 97.00

Our caregiver uniforms combine comfort, professionalism, and functionality. Made from high-qualit...

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