Over 20 Years Experience in Rhino Conservation

Over 20 Years Experience in Rhino Conservation

Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary

Save Rhinos, Save People, Save Tomorrow.

Welcome to Care for Wild, a globally recognized conservation organization dedicated to preserving endangered species and safeguarding the precious biodiversity of our planet. As the largest orphaned rhino sanctuary in the world, we specialise in the rescue, rehabilitation, rewilding, and protection of orphaned and injured rhinos. However, our mission extends far beyond rhinos alone. We are deeply committed to the preservation of endangered species that play vital roles in their ecosystems and the conservation of biodiversity.

At Care for Wild, we firmly believe that successful conservation goes hand in hand with the involvement of local communities. We place people at the core of our mission, empowering and engaging rural communities as essential partners in preserving biodiversity. By fostering a sense of ownership and stewardship towards the environment, we forge strong alliances to achieve sustainable conservation practices that benefit both people and wildlife—an interconnected living landscape.

As we embark on this mission, the urgency and severity of the biodiversity crisis have never been clearer. The newly launched 30x30 NOW campaign serves as a stark reminder that time is running out to protect nature, not just in South Africa but across the globe. Care for Wild is firmly committed to the global objective of preserving a minimum of 30% of the Earth's land and sea by 2030. We recognize the critical importance of this goal in safeguarding biodiversity and aspire to play a significant role in its realization.

Kindly note that Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary is not open to the general public.

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